Solar Thermal Panels

Get 50% of your hot water FREE!
More and more people are choosing to augment their existing hot water system with solar thermal panels. And with good reason - solar power is an eco-friendly, renewable energy source. Once the installation costs are taken into account, the biggest advantage is that solar energy is not subject to the fluctuation of the marketplace. So whilst gas, oil and LPG prices may go up and down, solar energy costs you nothing.

Is the weather in the UK good enough?

Home owners can expect to get at least 50% of their annual domestic hot water requirement for free.* And many people still don’t realise it works in all weathers. Solar thermal panels absorb the sun’s radiation, freely available even on cloudy days. They then pump the heated water into your hot water cylinder.

How can we help?

We are fully experienced in the installation of this exciting eco-friendly technology and have installed solar thermal panels on our own roof. We can advise you on the compatibility of solar thermal panels with your current central heating installation. Telephone Sharon or Julie on 01531 671 000 and we’ll arrange an informal site meeting and survey.
*Source: The Energy Saving Trust